Flumen is a furniture system designed for open space offices. It allows workers to configure their workspace in a preferred way, according to their different needs. It allows the use of individual workstations, equipped with a lamp and mobile personal electrical sockets, or the joint of multiple workstations if necessary, in case there is the need to share the space with a colleague.
It is a modular system: each module has a central structure that supports mobile electrical outlets and lamps, and two individual workstations. Every single station has the possibility to slide along the central table. They can be joined when users need to work together sharing a bigger table, or separated when this is not necessary and workers can have their own personal work area.
Each user has his own personal workstation, which can be moved and joined to the one next to it by unlocking the wheels and pushing it to the end of the module. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The system with its modules can be arranged in many different ways, depending on the space available and the spatial needs for the office it is placed in. ​​​​​​​
The system includes a lamp specifically designed for the Eubiq electrified rail, which is integrated into the module. It can be moved along the module and adjusted in multiple directions. The light intensity can be regulated through a touch slider.
Prototype scale 1:2 :
Conducted with Mattia Toffanetti, Alessandro Biondo, Selene Modaffari - within BA Product Design, Politecnico di Milano
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