A lunch box that can warm up your food anywhere, without any electricity or wires, through the use of activated zeolite – a material with incredible thermal properties.
Balance is a lunch box designed for having a hot meal in any situation, without the need for electricity. This is made possible by the combination of water and activated zeolite, a natural mineral that has the property to heat up to 90° when pouring water on it. Several experiments were conducted to test  its properties and the ratios needed in relationship with the product dimentions and performance.
The user is able to heat up the content of the lunch box wherever they are, just by pouring water in the duct on the side of the bowl. A small measuring cup is provided with the product, in order to dose the right amount of water. The illustrations below show the steps of use, as well as the photos of the product prototype. ​​​​​​​
The product is composed of two bowls, an internal conductor metallic one and an external one as an insulator. The two form a duct for the water, which leads to a capsule filled with zeolite inside the base. The capsule is isolated from the internal bowl so that it is completely safe, and can be removed to dry and wash the other components separately.
Conducted with Giulia Stevanoni, Selene Modaffari, Cesare Miozzi - within BA Product Design, Politecnico di Milano
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