What: Experimenting bioplastics recipes for a compostable materials collection that uses local waste and investigates material perception
Why: Upcycling waste, circular process
How: Practical experimentation, research on existing recipes for inspiration, field work on waste sources investigation and interviews
Where: London, UK
The aim of this project was to develop our own collection of bioplastics recipes, in order to produce materials samples through which to understand how different ingredients and ratios influence the properties and aesthetics of the material, and as well of integrating in the recipes ingredients normally considered waste. The final recipes include different kinds of organic waste, both as structural component of the bioplastics (e.g. oyster shells, egg shells, charcoal) or just to give a natural coloration (e.g. parsley stems, onion peel, seeds shells). An important point we set when starting the experimentation was to use ingredients found locally, which is why we tried to use the organic waste and other ingredients that we had at home or that we could find daily, like the oyster shells from the market in Columbia Road in London. Another goal we had since the beginning was to keep into consideration the perception around traditional materials and their aesthetics as people know them, and try to imitate it while using alternative sources.
Conducted with Paula Camina within MA Biodesign, CSM UAL
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